Lesson 2: The Mathematics that I know

In Primary School, you have 'met' several broad Maths Topics:
Whole Numbers. Fractions. Decimals. Money, Measure and Mensuration. Data Analysis. Geometry. Percentage. Speed. Ratio. Algebra.

Each Maths topic is made up of several 'sub-topics'.

In groups of 2-3, you will work on an assigned topic to
(a) discuss the relevance of the topic to real world application.
(b) using the sub-topics, illustrate with examples, how you could/have applied this 'knowledge'/ 'skill' in your daily encounter.

Submitting your discussion...
1. One member in the group will be submitting the discussion as a co-author of this blog.
2. You shall submit the group's discussion/finding in this blog
3. Title of the Post would be The "topic" that we know... (e.g. The "Algebra" that I know...)
4. Remember to include the names of your members in the posting.
5. Insert a label for your post, name it "introduction"

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