Gentle Reminder... Level Test on 13 Feb 2012 (Monday)

Please remember to bring along with you a working calculator.

As pointed out in class, no homework is assigned over the weekend as you should be preparing for the level tests with the hand-outs that were returned to you.

As advised during the lesson, you should have done the corrections to the Homework copies, by making reference to the solutions put up in the GoogleSite.

In your file, you should have the following for your revision:
  • Diagnostic Test (Factors & Multiples)
  • Worksheet 1
  • Homework 1(a)
  • Homework 1(b)
  • Worksheet 2
  • Homework 2(a)
  • Homework 2(b)
  • Homework 2(c)
  • Worksheet 3
  • Homework 3(a)
  • Homework 3(b)
  • Homework 3(c)
  • Formative Assessment

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