eLearning Lesson 1 Activity 2 Representation of Data using Statistical Diagrams

(extracted from GoogleSite)

In the TWO tasks, you were to analyse data presented and use spreadsheet (e.g. Numbers, GoogleSpreadsheet, MS Excel) to compute data and generate charts.

The files are provided in 3 formats (PDF, MS EXCEL and GoogleSpreadsheet).
You may choose to use any type where appropriate and present your answers in a shared GoogleDocument.

Here are resources to those who need help to plot the charts:
- iWork - Numbers
- Numbers '09: Creating a chart from table data
- Create a chart or graph using GoogleSpreadsheet
- Youtube clip 1: Numbers '09 - Create and Edit Charts
- Youtube clip 2: Creating Charts in iWork 09 Numbers (MacMost Now 460)

Those who have not handed in, the deadline has been extended to Thursday (29 March 2012).
You may check the status of submission at GoogleSite > Mathematics > Class Page

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