eLearning Lesson 1 Task 1:Choice of Graphs

I feel that the pie chart on the weather report is inaccurate because it is in percentage and a pie chart is supposed to give someone a quick and convenient check on the weather report.


  1. E-Learning Lesson 1 Task 1:Choice of Graphs

    I think the pie chart is the 1 graph that is wrong as its not accurate because its in percentage and difficult to understand at one go.

    Mr Loh: I cant post as im not a co-author , so i posted at one of my friends post.

    1. @Pides

      You are bringing in the 'degree of accuracy' into the 'explanation'. What you say is right if we are reporting figures, in particular %, from the pie chart.

      On the other hand, try to interpret what does each slice of the pie represent. Would you be able to get some sensible interpretation, based on the set of data given?

      Do the same for the other charts provided. Does anyone of them give you some "Strange" interpretation?

      Cue: Look at the purpose of the each type of charts.

  2. @Kenneth

    You are right that the pie chart does not give accurate figures when you try to report numbers from it, due to rounding off.

    In this question, it asked for appropriateness of the graph. Hence, to start it off, you should attempt to read information out from the graphs given.

    Try looking at the pie chart again. Are you able to give some sensible interpretation of what a slice of the pie will tell us? Does it give some sensible information? Do the same for the three other types of graphs provided. Which one will not be able to give a good sensible interpretation?

    Try again.