The Mind Reader (1)

Could you UNCOVER THE MYSTERY behind the crystal ball?
(in the Algebraic way!)
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  1. The crystal ball only takes symbols which are multiples of 9(limit:9-81) if you choose a number which is not a multiple of 9,it would not show the symbol of the number,take a to be 6 and b to be 2(6*10+2=62) next (6*10+2-6+2=54) 54 is a multiple of 9 and this occurs every time on a non-multiple of 9 and multiple of 9 also.So in simple terms,you can just look at the symbol of the multiple of 9 so sometimes if you choose a non-multiple of you might only be lucky if it shows in the crystal ball
    Contributed by Pides and Kenneth

  2. actually there might not be luck and the crystal ball would get it wrong

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  4. Dear Kenneth and Pides

    Thanks for sharing what you found in the Internet.

    You would have noticed that it is close to what we had discussed in class, i.e. Looking at the numbers calculated after going through the steps and try out figure out some patterns from them.
    And you would notice they are all multiples of 9.

    Next, let's try to figure out if we can use algebra to help us generalise the 'rule' used behind this mystery :)