Viva Voce Practice 3

Dear Students

Please refer to the Viva Voce Practice 3 (tab, above) to see details of the task.

  • For those who are NOT involved in GCP - Submit by 22 May (Tuesday) 2359h
  • For those who are involved in GCP & depart before 21 May - Submit by 29 May (Tuesday) 2359h
  • For those who are involved in GCP & depart on and after 21 May - Submit by 22 May (Tuesday) 2359
Remember to exercise your self-responsibility to complete the task.


  1. Ms Loh... This doesn't really make sense... We leave after 21st May but we hand in latest by 22nd May, while those leaving before 21st May get to hand in by 29th May? If possible please reply by today as some of us are leaving tomorrow.

  2. Beatrys

    If you have read the deadlines carefully, for those who are leaving later (i.e. 21 May), the assumption is that the work is to be submitted, rightfully before their departure. Some would have completed yet might not have be quick enough to email/ upload, they could still submit via email when they arrive at the country.

    On the other hand, for those who are leaving over the weekend, taking into consideration a number of them came back on Saturday to support the Open House and have to leave on Sunday, the deadline has therefore been extended till 29 May.

    On the other note:
    You could have started expressing your thoughts in a more objective manner (like what you did subsequently, elaborating the points).