Submission of (1) Holiday Fun Pack (2) Self-Directed Learning Assignment (Chap 7)

To-date, the following have NOT submitted your holiday assignments.
The deadline was extended to TODAY (29 June) on the basis that you needed more time to complete the work. Work are to be submitted Ms Loh 's pigeonhole by end of TODAY.

As pointed out in class, it is your responsibility to ensure the work is submitted by TODAY (29 June). Failure to do so would imply that you would go for Supervised Study (even if the piece of work is handed in on next Tuesday), on the account that you have not been able to fulfil your responsibility to learning.

Holiday Fun Pack
  1. Beatrys
  2. Qadirah
  3. Rachel
  4. Christopher
  5. Francis
  6. Justyn
  7. Kabir
  8. Ryan
  9. Joshua

Self-Directed Learning (Chap 7)

  1. Beatrys
  2. Qadirah
  3. Rachel
  4. Cheston
  5. Christopher
  6. Francis
  7. Justyn
  8. Kabir
  9. Kenneth
  10. Pides
  11. Ryan
  12. Joshua
  13. Nicholas Wong

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